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Investigations: Merits & Quantum

Investigations: Merits & Quantum VTH Consultants offer a wide range of investigation services, which include the investigation of the merits of a case and also the quantum. Back to Services

Stopping Distances & Reaction Time

The below stopping distances are under normal circumstances, that is… good road condition and the vehicle’s brakes are in good working order.   Reaction time was based on 1 second. Depending on the conditions and the situation, it might differ. At night the reaction time can increase to 1.5 seconds.   The first column indicates… Continue reading Stopping Distances & Reaction Time

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Negligence Related Cases

Case Study: Stop Signs Case study: X has the right of way and entered and entered an intersection and Y collided with his left hand side. Y drove over a stop street. On the same facts, X collided with the right hand side of Y. Legal principles: Y may only pull away if it is… Continue reading Negligence Related Cases

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Quantum Related Case Law

Fracture of pelvis Muller v RAF 2008 JOL 21251 (SE) Judgment Date: 30 / 10 / 2007 The plaintiff, who was born on 26 July 1981, was a passenger in a motor vehicle bearing registration numbers, CRY 884 EC when that vehicle collided with the insured vehicle (motor vehicle CHW 138 EC) in Uitenhage. He… Continue reading Quantum Related Case Law

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Attending Taxation

Attending Taxation VTH Consultants can attend Taxations in the Magistrate’s Courts and assist Attorneys with Taxations in the High Court and Labour Court. Back to Services

Cost Related Cases

Cost Related Cases VTH Consultants will oppose all bills on behalf of their clients when required to do so. Back to Services

Bills of Cost : Preparation

Bills of Cost : Preparation It has become common, and in fact essential, that legal practitioners turn to Legal Cost Consultants to deal with the function of preparing Bills of Cost.   Prior to presenting a bill of cost for taxation purposes, both Party-and-Party bill and Attorney-and-Client bill are completed in adherence to the requirements of… Continue reading Bills of Cost : Preparation