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We have been in the business for more than 23 years and during this period we have drafted more than 33 500 bills of cost and done more than 20 000 investigations. We offer this one-stop service to the legal fraternity.


VTH Consultants specializes in the drafting of all Bills of Costs, Including Litigation (Liquidations, Estates, Insolvencies, Divorces, Labour Court, Third Party Claims etc.) and non-litigation (Wills, Contracts etc.).


Attending and arranging of taxations. VTH Consultants can attend taxations in the Magistrate’s Courts and assist Attorneys with taxations in the High Court and Labour Court.


VTH Consultants can also negotiate settlement of Bill of Costs directly with the Road Accident Fund or the relevant parties.


VTH Consultants will also draft Bill of Costs in the Attorney’s offices if the Attorneys do not want the files to leave their offices.


Drafting a detailed Bill of Costs will increase attorneys fees.


VTH Consultants also offer a wide variety of investigation services which include negligence related cases as well as quantum related cases.


Bills of Cost
Bills of Costs
Opposing Bills
Cost Related Cases
Attending Taxation
Attending Taxation
Investigations: Merits & Quantum


22 February 2022

Stopping Distances & Reaction Time

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22 February 2022

Negligence Related Cases

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15 December 2021

Quantum Related Case Law

Fracture of pelvis Muller v RAF 2008 JOL 21251 (SE) Judgment Date: 30 / 10