VTH Consultants



Origin of VTH Consultants

At first, our partner company MVO Consultants specialised in the drafting of Bills of Cost and the investigation of motor vehicle accidents. However, a broader range of services was soon added as the firm expanded, and additional specialists in various fields were appointed.


Within the first year of operation, the Bloemfontein branch office was launched. Later a branch in Umtata was established.


In November 2017 VTH Consultants was formed which operates exclusively for the legal fraternity drafting Bills of Costs and various investigations. Providing you with a dedicated service par excellence.


Despite this phenomenal growth, we have consistently managed to deliver exceptional personal and professional service, no matter the size or scope of service required.

Managing Directors

From their considerable experience in the field, Johann van Tonder and Jan Heydenrych, both noticed how often time, resources and opportunities were being squandered – and how often legal procedures were being hamstrung by inefficient processes.


So, they decided to pool their resources, their networks, and their extensive expertise together to launch this much-needed professional service

Jan Heydenrych

Johan Hendrik van Tonder